Wednesday, December 14, 2016

As the Papillon people out there will know, I publish this blog called PAPILLON SHOWTIME in which I simply try to cover in photos and videos the winning dogs and lineups from Championship shows... well, as many as I manage to get to. Many people seem to appreciate this, especially abroad. I will go over the basics here.

Results are taken from Higham or Fosse.
All pictures on the site are taken by me.
I do not receive any money or sponsorship for this.  I am not a professional photographer.

I try to cover as much as I can, but there are certain limitations:

1. Some photos simply don`t come out and can`t be used.
2. Some are blocked by the way judges place the lineup, and often they stand in front of the dogs
3. Of course I cannot interfere with the process of judging in any way, so I have to be very quick in doing it.
4. (and this seems very difficult for some people to get their head round) I cannot take pictures of any class I am actually showing my dog in. And I will probably miss the previous class too, as I will be preparing the dog.
5. All requests not to photograph a dog will of course be respected. Mrs Anderson`s recent abusive comments (which are not suitable to be reproduced here) seem to constitute such a request, so in future none of her dogs which manage to win anything will be covered photographically on this blog.
Feel free to contact me about PAPILLON SHOWTIME.

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Lisa said...

Very interested in subscribing to your blog! I have a papillon pup and am interested in showing her. Shes a joevaness pup from the tijuana blood line my email is