Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Northern and Eastern Papillon club Championship show July 16th 2016

The Northern and Eastern Papillon club Championship show July 16th 2016 -  BITCHES
My thanks to the committee for a most enjoyable show, to the exhibitors for entering their bitches and to my excellent steward Loraine Gilhespy for her invaluable help.
After almost 50 years in the breed I was looking for bitches of the true Papillon type with the correct head approx one third to two thirds muzzle to skull proportions with well defined stop giving the sweet expression so typical of the breed and so prized by knowledgeable judges and breeders now and in the past. The more recent appearance of the half and half head with shallow stop changes the expression completely.
    The medium sized, fine boned and dainty Papillon is, thankfully, still with us and I was happy to see them present for me to judge. In my opinion, the much larger, coarser, plain headed Papillon is contrary to the Standard and should not be considered for top honours. Another fault that plagues the breed are light eyes. This gives a much harder, untypical expression.
In the last few years there has been a move towards much larger Papillons in the ring with some judges not considering the smaller Papillon for top honours. The Standard is 8-11 inches and any Papillon within that size range should be considered equally. It has been my experience over the years that the papillons nearer the lower end are just as sound as those at the top end.
Soundness is not aligned to size but to the quality and soundness of the stock used for breeding. Oversized specimens should be penalised accordingly, or we will lose the beautiful, dainty butterfly dog that we so admire. My winning bitches were all of true breed type and within the Standard.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st - Robbs' Gleniren For Your Eyes Only;
      Tri, just 6 months, most lovely sweet head framed by large, round tipped ears. medium neck,
      level topline, good body with well sprung ribs, well set and carried tail.
      Dainty and feminine, moved soundly with style.
     BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.2nd - Leach's Rozamie Rosabella;
      8 months shaded sable, pretty head with large ears, level back with good tail carriage.
      A little unsettled in front today but a nice puppy overall.
3rd - Leach's Collness Kandi.

Puppy Bitch (4)
1st - Varley's Ambre Dore Beate Bea at Coxleyview;
      10 months, shaded sable, a smart puppy with a most attractive outline, good ears, neck and topline, well set tail, moved true.
      In the challenge for BPB, just preferred the head proportions of the minor puppy.
2nd - Magri's Rozamie Madame Reeva;
      9 months red sable, not as forward as the above, nice head and neck, level back, moved soundly.

Junior Bitch (8)
1st - Goodwin's Paplene Regal Roxanne;
      14 months medium sized, dainty black and white of quality. Sweet head, correct muzzle to skull proportions, large round tipped ears,
      darkest of eyes, good ribs, level back and well set and carried tail, moved well. A real little charmer.
2nd - Banfield's Jorgealin Cast a Spell for Kingshaven;
      13 months Tri of medium size, attractive head, medium neck and well held topline, correct tail set. Sound mover. preferred expression
      of 1.
3rd - Maskell's Sarahmah Mayen Daydream Kaskell.

Yearling Bitch(5)
1st - Thornton's Cheeky Celica at Shevid;
      Elegant, medium sized black and white, pretty feminine head with well set ears and dark eyes. Well made body, level topline and correctly carried tail.
      Moved soundly.
2nd - Monroe's Papplewick Persian Peril;
      Very pretty, smaller girl with a big personality. Sweet head, with large rounded ears, level back and high set tail. Neat mover.
3rd - Maskell's Sarahmah Mayen Daydream Caskell.

Novice Bitch(6)
1st - Bradford's Wild Child;
      Pretty, medium sized girl with correct head proportions, dark eyes nice ears, medium neck and good body, well set tail. Moved true.
2nd - Hill's Caraideas Hope;
      Slightly smaller light sable, a happy girl, sweet head and expression, level topline and good tailset. Moved well.
3rd - Maskell's Sarahmah Mayen Daydream Caskell.

Graduate Bitch (5)
1st - Lee's Lafford Penny Black;
      13 month old tri of medium size, pretty head and good ears, level back with good spring of rib and well carried tail, moved soundly.
2nd - Waller and Maskell's Kaskell Theme for a Dream for Lilnrose JW;
      14 month old tri, very little between 1st and 2nd, same comments apply. Just preferred muzzle length of 1.
3rd - Geary's Taliesyn Love in the Mist.

Post Graduate Bitch(7)
1st - Aitken's Lafford Fancy That for Elfuago;
      Sweet headed black and white with dark eyes. Well made body, level topline, high tail set and good turn of stifle. Sound action.
2nd - Skelton's Bonmeshay Lady Sharlotte of Adnamashan;
      Elegant black and white with good ears, dark eyes, medium neck and level back. Just preferred muzzle length of 1;
3rd - George Evans' Jorgealin Moon Magic.

Limit Bitch (7)
1st - Cullen's Petress Black Magic;
      Beautiful, top quality black and white bitch whom I have admired since a puppy. Most lovely head and expression with correct muzzle to skull proportions, darkest of eyes,
      large well fringed ears, medium neck leading to well laid shoulders and level back all covered with a single silky coat. High set tail, well carried and good turn of stifle.
      Her movement is light, sound and flowing. Happy to award her the CC.
2nd - Borg's Petress Dark and Daring;
      Litter sister to 1 and has many of the same qualities. Not quite so good in front as her sister but a very pretty bitch.
3rd - Green's Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings.

Open Bitch (7)
1st - Deamer's Grindales Sweet Caroline at Bankshill;
      Medium sized shaded sable with so much to admire. Correct head proportions giving the sweet typical expression, dark eyes, large ears, medium neck and well laid shoulders,
      level topline and well sprung rib. Correct high set tail. Excellent mover. A worthy reserve CC winner.
2nd - Forth's Omegaville Make me a Petitchien;
      Larger shaded sable with large well fringed ears. Lighter in eye than 1 and with a longer muzzle. Level topline, good body covered with a fine silky coat with a high set tail.
      Moved well.
3rd - Cullen's Ancojo Whisper to Me.

Special Beginners Bitch (6)
1st - Green's Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings;
      Was 3rd in a strong limit class. Pretty, dainty black and white with a sweet head and good ears, firm body and level back, moved soundly.
2nd - Maskell's Sarahmah Mayen Daydream Caskell;
      Attractive black and white with nice head and ears, medium neck and good topline. slightly less settled on the move than 1.
3rd - Humphrey's Bonmeshays Ruby at Gloynbyw.

Veteran Bitch (7)
1st - Banfield's Skyvana Fancy That at Kingshaven;
      7 and a half years old black and white of quality, pretty head with soft, kind expression, large well fringed ears, firm well made body with level back,
      high tail set with a most profuse plume, outstanding mover belying her age. A most endearing girl.  BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd - Nolan's Papplewick Papa Don't Preach to Loerburn;
      6 years old black and white bitch with a very pretty head and expression, nice ears and a firm little body, well carried tail and moved true.
3rd - Aitken's Jaroma Geenage at Elfuago.

Lynda Phillips (judge)