Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BOB Pyatshaw Ravel


15th November

Judge: Mrs M Sloan (Austrene)

Minor Puppy (4)
1st Leggat's Thistleview Pennies From Heaven
2nd Whitehill's Amicae Leading Lady
3rd Gauld's Pamhurst He's An Inspiration
4th Anderson's Northlyte Timeless Wind

Puppy (5, 1a)
1st Whitehill's Amicae Just Dessert (BP)
2nd Cochrane's Dourhu Sheeza Fairy Doll
3rd Johnston's Dourhu Dhay Ja Vhoo
4th Leggat's Dourhu Heeza Dandy

Junior (9, 1a)
1st Skelton's Adnamashan Time After Time
2nd Savage (handling for Greenslade) Serenglade Indigo Moon at Abbeyton
3rd Cochrane's Tutyak Climate Control
4th Doig & Cochrane's Tutyak Could Be Magic

Novice (4, 3a)
1st Skelton's Adnamashan Time After Time

Post Graduate (11, 2a)
1st Macgregor's Meerwings The Swallow Tale by Pyatshaw
2nd Skelton's Adnamashan One In A Million
3rd Gray's Gennasus On The Right Road
4th Smith's Wee Angus of Adinaken

Limit (5, 1a)
1st Cumming's Prince Victory
2nd Paul's Meerwings A Butterfly Story
3rd Taylor's Pamhurst Dream
4th Anderson's Northlyte Pandora

Open Dog (6, 1a)
1st Macgregor's Pyatshaw Ravel (BOB)
2nd Smith's Mister Percival of Adinaken SH CM
3rd Taylor, Skelton & Smith's Pamhurst Whisper at Adnamashan
4th Fraser & Graham's Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay

Open Bitch 6, 2a)
1st Paul's Pyatshaw Madam Butterfly (BB)
2nd Gray's Gennasus Make Believe
3rd Whitehill's Volpecula You're So Vain at Amicae
4th Smith's Wee Lucy of Adinaken SH CM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAMA MIA! here I go again!

Yes it`s that time of year again, and here comes the Christmas photo competition. This time I`m looking for mother and puppy ones - they can be cute, sweet or funny. Please add captions if you can.

As usual, if there are enough entries I will run heats, and the winner will be decided by your votes.

As usual also there will be a Grand Prize! Previous winners are not eligible to compete.

Please send your entries in jpeg form. You are not restricted to just one entry. Contact me by using the mailto button (the link that says EMAIL ME!).

I`ve posted some examples below. They are my own and NOT part of the competition - just to give you an idea.

"My baby!".....4 minutes old

"I told you! You wouldn`t listen to me - and now you`re in trouble with HER!"

"You know what you can do with the joys of motherhood...."

" Mum`s always there for me"