Thursday, October 23, 2008


It`s getting to that time of year again when I begin to organise the Christmas Photo competition.

The last one caused a bit of controversy. I must tell you that although I can prevent people from voting more than once, I cannot do anything about people who are on a lot of lists and persuade everyone else on those lists to vote for them. A bit of a pointless way to win really, but it seems to satisfy some. (I can, however, make sure that the prize is not paid out twice, because I do keep records - if you`re reading this, you know who you are and what I mean!).

In future, previous winners may not compete.

If you want me to go on with it this year, there are two possiblilties.

One is"Mamma Mia"- photos of mothers and puppies.

Another is a caption competition-I provide the pictures, and you provide the captions - the most amusing wins.

The third is no competiton.

I`ll put it to the vote. Let me know what you want.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


All places for the seminar are now filled. Thank you all for your interest - we may have another seminar, and workshops, at a later date