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I will not be at WELKS due to a litter, and would be very grateful for any pictures of the CC winners for this site.

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Mackenzie`s Kilbreck Cassanova and Kilbreck Tri Magic Posted by Hello


Sorry - this is one picture I missed! Better late than never!

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Ch Motylek Moonwings J.W. in the Petanelle Trophy, winner of BOB, Crufts 1980  Posted by Hello
Motylek Damien by Ch Motylek Moonwings, at 11 months. 1CC with BOB, 1RCC, and sire of many winners. Posted by Hello
Motylek Peter and Motylek Oliver Lordrake at 10 weeks. Motylek Damien x Motylek Margaretta. Both had superior show careers, and M Oliver, who went to the famous Lordsrake kennel, bred on very well.  Posted by Hello
Motylek Peter son of Motylek Damien BPIB at Border Union Ch show under George Henderson Posted by Hello
Motylek Moonflower, litter sister of Ch Motylek Moonwings, Ch show 1st prizewinner, with her litter of 7 beautifully marked puppies Posted by Hello
A bad hair day - "Never talk about my messy coat again!" Lynda with Ch Motylek Rosasolis Posted by Hello
Ch Motylek Rosasolis aged six and a half months. Papillon Puppy of the year 1992 Posted by Hello
Mrs Janice Taylor with her beautiful NERDIVAA BREEZE, Ch Motylek Moonwings x Nerdivaa Silver Lace, winner of 1CC, 1RCC, and many Ch 1st prizes  Posted by Hello


MOTYLEK was the very well-known Scottish affix of Mrs Lynda Phillips. Until about fourteen years ago when she retired from showing and breeding, the Motylek Papillons were a noted and successful presence in the showring.

CH MOTYLEK MOONWINGS J.W. was retired aged two and a half after winning 80 firsts, 10 BPIBs, 5CCs, 7 RCCs, and Best of Breed at Crufts in 1980. He was never at public stud, but sired several CC and RCC winners. A beautiful little dog and a perfect gentleman.

MOTYLEK DAMIEN, his son, won many firsts at Championship level, and although only lightly used at stud, sired several RCC and Championship Show winners. A gentle dog who adored puppies.

Moonwings and Damien are behind at least two of today`s very successful kennels.
MOTYLEK MOONFLOWER, Moonwings` litter sister, with a record of firsts at Championship level and BPISs, was the dam of many Championship show winners, due to her propensity to have 6 or 7 puppies in a litter. She was a delightful girl and an excellent mum.

MOTYLEK MARGARETTA, one of the puppies in the picture, went to Mrs Fowler (MARINGAY) and is behind many of today`s Champions.

Two stylish dogs by Damien out of a Moonflower daughter were MOTYLEK PETER AND MOTYLEK OLIVER. Oliver went to live at Lordsrake, won a RCC and sired many winners both here and abroad. Peter, who won BPIB under George Henderson (INVERDON) at Border Union was shown only as a puppy, then retired to a pet home.

CH MOTYLEK ROSASOLIS was a puppy champion, winning 3 CCs before she was 12 months old, and going on to win two more. She was the dam of CH VOLPECULA FLOS CAMPI and a number of CC and Ch show winning Papillons.

NERDIVAA BREEZE, sired by Moonwings was a CC, RCC, BOB, and first prize winner. She was bred, owned and loved by my sister, Mrs Janice Taylor of the Nerdivaa Papillons.

Although no longer breeding or showing, I still take an active interest in the breed.

L. Phillips
Jaylanjay Amastunner Posted by Hello
Jaylanjay Amanother Posted by Hello
Hailstorm Harry at Gennasus Posted by Hello
Danginfee Candy Kisses Posted by Hello

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Macgregor`s PYATSHAW TURANDOT Posted by Hello
Gray`s PYATSHAW MURPHY`S LAW Posted by Hello
Cummings` DAN THE MAN Posted by Hello


The show was held at Invergordon on 10th April.
The judge was Mr S Corrigan (Catdanse)

Graduate. 6 (1a )

1. Hailstorm Harry at Gennasus
2. Pyatshaw Turandot
3. Calphia Woodland Nymph
4. Klibreck Pride of the North

Limit. 5 (2a)

1. Jaylanjay Amanother (BOB)
2. Dan the Man
3. Klibreck Pride of the North

Open. 4

1. Jaylanjay Amastunner
2. Pyatshaw White Heat
3. Pyatshaw Murphy's Law

Thanks to Sue Gray and Anne Macgregor for these results and photos!


Papillon Graduate 2

1st Mrs A Fraser Abbeyton Sunshine Boy also 2nd of 9 AV Minor Puppy (his very first show)
2nd Mrs JP Savage Abbeyton Summer Sun

Papillon Open 4

1st Mrs JP Savage Abbeyton With A Touch Of Gold with BoB
2nd Mrs A Walker Carrollryan Isla Clola at Brollyanna
3rd Mrs L Lees Meerwings Blowin In The Wind

Thanks, Joan for these results.

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He`s scratching. He`s really going at it. He`s been at it off and on all day. He`s making YOU feel itchy just watching him. The mother-in law is due to visit and she can`t see him like that..... You`re really going to have to have a close look at him. Surely he couldn`t have picked up something........

Yes he could. Parasites thrive on the ability of dogs to "pick up something" from other dogs on very casual contact. Fortunately nowadays most of them can be quickly exterminated - the parasites, that is, not the dogs!.

So let`s pick Fido up and have a really close look. Part his hair and get right in there, with a magnifying glass if necessary. Look at the parts he can`t scratch so easily - parasites don`t like scratching. Look at the root of his tail and under his armpits and behind his ears and along his spine. What do you see?

1. Little black specks in clusters. He`s got FLEAS. The specks are their droppings, and the more you see, the more fleas he has. You may even see the flea itself - a very speedy dark brown insect about 4mm long - but you`ll have to be quick to catch it. It lives on the dog and feeds on his blood. Some dogs are allergic to the bites and will develop skin sores. Others just scratch philosophically.
Solution - first spray or bath the dog with a suitable insecticidal treatment, of course. BUT - and it`s a big one - the eggs can be laid in his bed, your carpet, anywhere. And the whole life cycle is only 18 days. So you will need another spray treatment for the bedding and carpets. You can catch a flea from your dog, but he will not find you very tasty, and you will only suffer a few bites before he decides you are not a "des res" and hops off to find another dog.

2 Little crusty itchy scabs. He has LICE . If you have a glass, or really close eyesight you may be able to make them out, clustered along the affected area - tiny things with pale bodies and a dark head. They live and lay eggs on the dog and suck his blood. They are much more irritating to the dog than fleas, but are really easier to get rid of with the right insecticide. You will not have to treat your carpets, and they will not transfer to you. Only human lice live on humans, and I don`t propose to get into that...

3. The dreaded "living" or "walking dandruff". Lots of dandruff, and some of it is actually strolling about among the hairs. He has a mite infestation called CHEYLETIELLA. This is a tougher one, and it can survive for quite a time off the dog. It`s also more resistant to treatment You will have to treat the dog repeatedly and spray the whole house. And yes, YOU can catch this one, and it can cause quite a nasty dermatitis. There was quite an epidemic of it in Scotland a few years ago.

4. Scabby, sore weepy smelly areas, with thick crusty skin. He has SARCOPTIC MANGE. I hope you never see this one, and indeed you are very unlikely to. It`s another mite infestation with the mites burrowing in the skin and laying eggs there - in fact it is just like scabies in humans, and like scabies, it takes time to get rid of. I haven`t seen this one in forty years, when a neighbour`s Westies got it, but I still remember the smell. The dog has to be shaved, and bathed repeatedly in insecticide - although I believe that nowadays Ivermectin is also used as an injection. But don`t worry about this one - it`s SO rare in well-kept dogs. People can catch it, but it is said not to be severe in humans.

5. Scaly bald skin around the eyes and muzzle in puppies under 9 months. This is DEMODETIC MANGE, and despite the name "mange", is not in any way the problem that number 4 is. Puppies catch it from mother(it`s unnoticeable in her) and usually just grow out of it. Only rarely does it affect an adult. It`s caused by the Demodex mite, which is microscopic in size, and most puppies have it but don`t react to it at all, so it goes unnoticed and is harmless. Spraying again is the teratment., for bitch and puppies.
You can`t catch this one. Demodex is species specific. You have your own demodex - they live in the roots of your eyelashes, completely harmless and undetected. You have more pets than you thought you had. Now there`s a happy thought.!
(NOTE : I haven`t mentioned any specific treatments - ask your vet for the best one, as there are always new ones coming on the market.)

I`d be happy to hear from you on this one. Share your experiences!

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Our respected Secretary, Ted Whitehill, as you`ve never seen him before - Ted meets horse for the first time!
Photos by Mrs L Phillips (MOTYLEK), equestrian expertise and Arab steed (Sally) courtesy of Mrs M Fraser (FRASERDENE)
And permision to use the pictures from Mrs Whitehill!
Get on that horse! Posted by Hello
Bottoms up! Posted by Hello
Those planes look awfully low from way up here! Posted by Hello
Where do I go to enter the Derby?-  Posted by Hello

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This site has become quite popular, and is read all over the world. When I posted Crufts results with pictures we had more than a hundred hits in one day.
If any of you have websites and would like a link to your site on this one, just send me the name and URL of your site and I will do the rest .
If you have any other ideas to improve this site, do let me know.

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Pyatshaw Madam Butterfly, BOB W Lothian Open Show  Posted by Hello
Mrs Paul with Jaylanjay Amasmasher and Pyatshaw Turandot Posted by Hello
Mrs Lees with Meerwings Blowin` in the Wind and Mrs Walker with Carrollryan Isla Clola at Brollyanna Posted by Hello


Judge Mrs. Irene McManus

1.Pyatshaw Madam Butterfly (C Paul)
2.Abbeyton With A Touch of Gold (J.Savage)
3.Pyatshaw Turandot (A Macgregor)

1.Abbeyton Silver Rain (J. Savage)
2.Meerwings Blowin in the Wind (L. Lees)
3.Jaylanjay Amasmasher (C Paul)
4. Carrollryan Isla Clola at Brollyanna (A Walker)

B.O.B. Pyatshaw Madam Butterfly (Ellie)

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Judge Mrs McRae

Papillon Graduate


Papillon Open

4, - wasn`t given this, sorry

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I`m on the hunt for a criminal The one who is habitually piddling on the seat of my favourite chair. (yes it`s washable – and fortunately so are my clothes, as sometimes I don`t tend to see it until it`s too late).

Ranting and raving just produces an array of bright, innocent expressions and wagging tails. Papillons don`t do shame. They are very aware of right and wrong –it doesn`t affect what they do, but makes them determined not to be found out.. I may never get to the bottom (excuse the expression) of this.

They can do embarrassment. Years ago I had a little Papillon dog who lost his hair due to a hormonal problem. I have years of experience living with naturally hairless Chines Crested dogs, so I produced a knitted coat of suitable size and popped it on him. ( I seem to remember it was striped in fluorescent pink and green -cheapest colours at the local wool shop, and I never yet lost a Crested in the fog.....)

The little man was appalled. He kept trying to look at himself. The tail went right down. You could see what he was thinking - :

“If the other males see me like this they`ll kill me”

And then, as the true horror sank in –

“If the bitches see me like this I`ll kill myself!”

He scooted off and tried in vain to hide his tiny glowing, brilliantly striped body behind a bush I had to coax him out and remove the coat.. End of experiment.

But some dogs have a powerful sense of what is right. I used to have a Chines Crested bitch called Bella.. Bella was housetrained to a fault. She was totally clean in the house. You could rely on her.

Her previous owners went out one day, just for a couple of hours. They left Bella with the freedom of the house. You could rely on Bella.

But, far from home, the big end went. Dead car. Hours to wait for a tow.

Poor Bella. I can imagine her, crossing all four legs. Mustn`t do it on the carpet. Never on the carpet. Bad girls do it on the carpet...

Eventually her anxious owners got home. And they discovered Bella had been true to her training. She hadn`t done it on the carpet.

They had a fine old table, veneered with lots of exotic wood inlays.. Bella had jumped up there and done it. Several times. Already the inlays were curling away from the soaked wood.. The table was ruined. But the carpet was pristine. Bella was positively smug , secure in the knowledge that she had been a Good Girl.

I pointed out that Bella had merely applied the legendary logic of the Old Man From Darjeeling. (Not the Young Girl – I don`t do that sort of limerick)

They pointed out that Bella was for sale.

So here she came.